The art I create is impalpable emotion conveyed in tangible form; each layer a chapter, each painting a story.

Growing up in rural northeast Pennsylvania among the Endless Mountains, my imagination was pushed to every perceivable limit and the desire to create was buried in my chest at a young age. I have always been drawn to abstract visual art as it is just as much about the interpreter as it is the storyteller. To me, abstract art creates a perplexing relationship that connects blatant or visceral emotion between artist and audience to the point you are unable to identify where the art ends and you begin. Each individual lens we possess has the ability to interpret art in a different capacity and that difference creates the space for conversation and interaction, allowing the art to stretch our souls and break our perceptions.

As a creative individual, I have many outlets to express my creativity, whether it be while riding BMX, building items via woodworking, playing drums, taking photos or painting, but painting has the deepest emotional connection and exposes myself in the most vulnerable way. Each painting has no less that around seven layers, each layer carrying a specific part of my emotional capacity. I live for texture, whether it be tangible or visual, actual or perceived and my paintings focus on creating deep layers and visual textures, all while staying on the same plane and not entering a three dimensional realm. The deep layers create a new experience from different distances and angles in relation to the paintings and even in different lighting, buried layers seem to emerge constantly.

It has always been and will always be my goal to create honest art and use every capacity of it to connect with others and share my perspective of the world in a sincere way.

Hold Fast Hope
-Joel William


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