“2. the condition of being oneself or itself, and not another:”

This piece, “Identity” is the start of a new creative venture for me. For years, I’ve enjoyed creating as a form of expression, but my paintings have not typically been very pointed, definitive or even backed by a simple narrative. The standard procedure for my art is to create it, reflect on it and title it by how it made me feel or give a nudge in a direction that I would like the viewer to consider while interpreting it. “Identity“is my “first” painting with a message, a deep reflection and critique of my true and perceived self.

The 18.5″ x 28″ painting uses an old door as a substrate which had various holes in it that I chose not to repair, but incorporate them to add to the textural aesthetic of the piece. There are lines that oppose direction, seemingly conflicted in their desires. Rich, segmented color that bleeds outside of the lines that they were once seemingly bound by. Deep scratches under the surface subtly shift the topography. Brilliant colors, whitewashed and stripped of their  luminosity. Without frame, the core is revealed on the right side, the left side showing the marks of being unhinged.

My hope is to continue to create pieces like this that will tell a story or invoke a story to be told, as I express my experience through artwork.

Hold Fast Hope
-Joel William