Every Once In A While

I have been so disconnected from myself for a few months now, my willpower broke with the weather and I spiraled out of control at a dizzying rate. For a couple of months, I took refuge in delusion, losing sight of what I value, what I want my life to be composed of. It shames me to say that I recognize my shortcomings but yet still tuck myself into bed with deception, fully knowing I will never find rest. My nights grow longer, my days fill with over thinking and stress, I neglect responsibilities and goals, I satisfy the short-term, well knowing that will never last. It can be discouraging and it can be overwhelming…

But every once in a while something happens to realign your spine, call it the sunshine burning off the fog of a few sleepless months. The air is warm to the touch and with your sight renewed and your soul restored, you find your footing once again. It is witty sarcasm and silly laughter, perfecting cannonballs and floating peace signs. It is scraping your ankle and showing off your scars, it is tasty sandwiches and half-filled whiskey flasks. It is slippery rocks and precarious hammocks, it is thunderstorms and being okay with getting stuck in the downpour. It is green-blue water and red clay shores, it is sunburned cheeks and blistered feet. It is probing questions and insightful suggestions, it is shared perspective and grinning agreement. It is a few cold beers and a few slices with extra cheese, it is subtitles and tired smiles.

There are no words to fully express how meaningful these types of moments are, but when you find them, hold tight to them; let them dig around your heart, let them plant goodness in your soul. Above all, cherish these blissful days of renewal, they are to be remembered during the inevitable dark days to come. Write them down with your ink, burn them deep within your memory, tie them tightest around your heart because no matter what sacrifice they demanded, they will always be worth it; they are pure and they are priceless.