I’ve been hard at work in the shop creating new pieces of art that surpass anything I have done before. Not only have I moved to larger scale pieces, specifically designed for gallery showings, I have evolved in the mediums I use and feel more confident than ever at the direction I am headed. I first started a few years ago working with watercolor and then shortly after, I started to incorporate line work and shapes, primarily triangles, into my pieces. Over the years, I have been searching tirelessly for my home, for the medium that feels right. From my early days in middle school art class, abstract work has been my passion and now years later, I love it more than ever. I’m finally finding a work rhythm, a process to my madness and it’s beginning to unfold just as it should. I have evolved into an unique blend of layers, texture and line work and my inspiration and passion to grow in my skill is at an all-time high.

I wanted to say all of this to point out that it hasn’t always been this way. I have found that adult life isn’t all that we were told it would be and as far as I can tell, you (or at the very least I) will never be comfortable on this incredibly journey called life, because life is unpredictable and difficult but all it’s changes, it shines beauty over all I know. In talking with a close friend recently, we discussed religion and humanity and our ever declining hope in both, but the profound desire to press into those areas searching and growing; the desire to live in the tension. I hope to always question why I do what I do and push into evolving, not only in art but in life. I can never settle for where I am at and I challenge you to do the same.

Hold Fast Hope,
Joel William