The General Store’s “Artist Series” Collaboration

ghostplanet_pt“Ghost Planet”

A few months ago I was approached by The General Store, a skate and apparel storefront for Printed Threads to collaborate as part their “Artist Series”. After we chose two of my paintings, “Ghost Planet” & “Teeth & Tornado”, I got to pick the shirts the designs would be printed on. I decided to go with Next Level 100% cotton blend, as they are the most comfortable shirts I have worn. It took a little while from the idea to completion, but when I received my samples a few weeks ago, I was blown away! Printed Threads really outdid themselves with the print quality and the details are incredible; custom screen printed tags, over-sized fashion print and a nice little Printed Threads hem tag. The shirts are for sale in their retail store in Keller, TX but for those not in the area, they have a nifty little webstore as well. Huge thanks to Jared and Printed Threads for this amazing opportunity! They worked so hard to make sure we covered all of our bases and ended up with a quality product that represented both parties as best as they could and the end result is awesome.

Printed Threads
The General Store

oklahoma_pt“Teeth & Tornado”


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