I Of The Storm


Feet planted just deeper than the seeds sown in the spring,
The calmness echoes as the desolation choir begins to sing.
When we find ourselves detached from our restless dreams,
We somehow fall asleep to the hollowness of the siren’s screams.
The swell burns as we’re ripped apart, returning to the same we had always been;
A photo framed apparition, disintegrating into the fury of the wind.

The beauty and power of what we cannot contain,
The hopelessness of breathing in a scenery we cannot explain.
The reflection swirls into your eyes, as we evaporate into the landscape.

Racing grey swallows the barn, now married to the flame inside,
Bright orange glow of confusion demands my heart to subside.
Broken fence posts blanket the field, splintering years of the properties end,
A peaceful silence we spoke, as you brushed my cheek and left me to mend.
All I wanted to do was dance, to smile with a plan,
But you can’t dance with a tornado and walk away the same man.
They all seem to leave as they once came,
Carrying away the hope they tied tightly to an alluring name.
Though you walk away leaving all I worked for scattered and strewn,
You have unquestionable beauty in form and fashion and I will rebuild again soon.
I find my voice and forget how to speak,
Strength of passion now displaced by my tongue, the weak.

Enveloped lettered black birds, dissolve into the void, never to return,
Wind shift and direction unstable, there is a lesson I must learn.
My dear love, you are my beautiful tornado.


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