A New Year, The Same Adventure

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With a new year open and endless possibilities ahead, I look forward to not only the adventures and lessons that will be learned, but how I will be shaped by 2014. Many of my friends had a very unfortunate past year, which left them begging for a restart, but I cannot say the same for me. Last year was not without its troubles, but the year as a whole taught me many lessons and pushed me to be a better man in a number of different areas. I have currently been renting my house in Nashville for one year now and being in charge of the responsibilities there, being “Papa Joel”, has brought in new situations and lessons in dealing with housemates and communication. I am still learning, but even yesterday, I found myself in a situation, similar to one I had in May and I was able to handle it much, much better, in a very healthy way. I feel very fortunate to be able to see these changes.
0102141715aLast year, I was also privileged to share part of the year getting to know a special girl. Since my relationship history can be counted on half of one hand, I’m still learning and trying not to act as awkward as I feel sometimes. She was the sweetest one to me, honest and blanketed with a sincerity I’ve never known. In the end, we weren’t headed in the same direction and she’ll probably never read the entire journal I kept for her over the last year, but it is well and I do not regret a thing. Now I sit here smiling, as there is a new interest in my life, a song I would like sing along to, but that’s another story.

I was able to travel for a living in 2013 as well. From April to November, I was able to travel around the country and ride my bike for an income. When I younger, this always appealed to me, but never in my wildest dreams did I expect it to become a reality, let alone in the fashion that it took shape. I met so many wonderful people, hosts and event promoters, thankful parents and smiling kids, blushing girls and tough boys…and they are what made that experience one to remember. I will most likely never know the impact I had in their lives, but I will do my best to express how they’ve impacted mine.

Along with having a few different events at 422, a house show, meeting/seeing Sigur Ros, getting lost in the majesty of Colorado, driving 26hrs with some of my best friends to Arizona and having Blizzard come visit me in Nashville, this year has set a steady pace, but now it is time to take it to the next step. I will continue to push my personality and character to be open-minded and grow within this city. It’s funny but I made a lot of new friends in the last 2 weeks of 2013, so I am very excited for these friendships to unfold.

I’ve also been painting more than ever and will be posting some new paintings for sale very soon! Thank you for your interest and support everyone.

Cheers to 2014!


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