Enemy Opposition

Yesterday morning, I woke up with an open schedule. Since my parents are in town, I figured I’d get out to grab some coffee then return home to spend some time with them in the kitchen as they prepared food for the Thanksgiving dinner at Rocketown. While sitting at Crema, I was informed that the plans had changed and with the time constraints, the person lined up to edit together a promo video to be looped at the Enemy Opposition booth at the Youth Specialties Convention would be unable to do so. At 11:30am I was leisurely sipping my coffee and at 12pm I was racing home to start the unplanned project. Since Neal and I did all the pick up shots around the city, I knew what sort of timeline I wanted to create but still needed to make a cohesive, eye grabbing piece spur of the moment. The song I chose was simply an instrumental “scratch track” I used to get an idea for the feeling, but as I started piecing together the timeline, the song seemed to fit more and more. There were various setbacks through out the day, but in the end, at 8:37pm, I had the final copy being safely transferred to the destination hard drive.

If you enjoyed the song, it is “Caught in the Air” by The Frozen Ocean and can be found at Come And Live!

As with most things, I wish there was more time to fulfill my “perfectionist” attitude, but I am very happy with the results, especially given the circumstances.

Hope Fast Hope
-joel william


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