My Dear Listener

“We walked with a steady pace to the place we promised each other we would one day go and the look in her eye meant we didn’t have to speak, only cross the road; no shame in the breath we could not find, we climbed to the top of the city. A quarter of a circle walked found us beneath the medicine tree where we could find healing if we wished. I glanced to the branches I had so many nights sat in to escape her, but now in some sort of ironic display, my perch had disappeared and I could not get away. Our eyes leveled as we sat heart to heart, writhing in awkward silence as the small talk ceased to spark. The leaves of the tree we sat beneath held strong, but our words fell, singing the end of a season song: “Where did we go astray, where did we lose our way?” Silent and still, the answers never raised their white flags to the war inside us. Being nearly six o’clock, we moved our feet across the city in which we both could never sleep. One minute and forty-nine seconds pedaled through my head as we walked, wondering if there was any resolve in the words we said. My dear Listener, we’re going to be alright, just say that to me.”

(As wrote on 6/24/13)


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