Good Morning

Beneath my own blankets, I woke with a smile and newness after a good nights sleep. The busy schedule I keep makes 12:41am an early night and I smile when I can stare at the ceiling while the morning light pours in before my alarm detonates. Piping hot vanilla chai and phone calls follow the cracking of my toes as I tiptoe across the hardwood floors from room to room. Comfort returns and I sit back waiting for my clothes to dry and the busy day to catch up to me. For some reason, the song “Good Morning” by my friend Brian Woodruff comes to mind and I hum it all the way out the door, smiling bigger still.

Chapters of life open and close before my eyes and this summer will be one to remember. For the first time in a long time, I feel peace in the uncertainty ahead of me. The mindset I hold is renewed and hopeful, my goals simple and my heart willing; the months to come will be wonderful. I feel secure in not being where I want to be, but where I need to be. I wish her beauty was tightly wrapped in my arms, but she’s not and that’s okay for now. I wish I knew I would be able to save up large amounts of money, but I will probably have just enough for all I need. I wish I had four paws waking me from my sleep, eager for me to smile back. I wish all my old friends could meet all my new friends and we could all sit around my campfire laughing beneath the Tennessee sky. I wish my endeavors were contagious and I couldn’t keep up with all the demands. I wish…

The fact is, when I write, I start a journey without knowing the end. I imagine there will be an end to all things, so I begin with the end in mind, but I have to push aside fear of the unknown and begin. Each day is a new opportunity to beg a hopeless world to look a little deeper and find joy in every living thing.

Good morning!


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