Endless Roads

It is Thursday, May 2nd 2013 and I am trying to gather my thoughts into a direction. I have been traveling around the northeast part of Texas throughout the last week doing school assembly demos and enjoying a change of pace. Though tired from the days, I took advantage of the gifts the open road handed to me; the chance to explore and visit my cousin and the love of his life he not long ago married. During every drive, I entertained day dreams and real dreams, but honestly, these days I’m not sure which one I am actually awake for. I dream of hopes, love, self-improvement, goals, missed loved ones and general forward motion but I open my eyes to see an endless road that must be traveled.

I am able to rest for the next few days, so I am currently doing that by sipping on Guatemalan coffee at The Well, listening to England In 1819, researching my artistic ambitions and trying to support artists whom I believe in and currently inspire me. Right now, I am inspired by my friend Vickie and her illustrations at Skyecolors. I love seeing every new illustration she posts and admire the work ethic and artistic vision she carries. I am also inspired by Joshua Dent, a cellist on a journey. I have never met Joshua, but I know I will and I’m inspired by his talent and endeavors. Go check out and back his Kickstarter so the world can hear his art.

During my short visit with my cousin, he said something that lingered on my mind after we said our goodbyes and I drove east. To summarize, he said that the key to owning your own business was to surround yourself with people who were more intelligent than you in each area. This is nothing new, but is quite profound as it rings true in many (if not all) areas of my life. In all I do, I seek inspiration to further my vision, so surrounding myself with inspiration is a crucial ingredient to success. I desire to give to those who inspire, as an inspiration that what they do is noticed, liked and supported. It’s a beautiful circle in which the arts community is woven together into a wonderful web of creativity.

I wasn’t sure where I was headed when my fingers met the keys, but I guess that I’m offering a challenge of sorts to continuously support what inspires you, especially if you are an artist. Give back to your community and help those around you reach their goals. I am trying to find my place in the Nashville art community right now and I am excited for the road ahead, no matter how endless it looks.


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