The Brightest

These are the days that our lungs inhale and we find ourselves lost in the exhale. There was a cold, spring rain that came to wash away my plans and while I stood there watching the brightest face fade into the shadows, the brake lights illuminated in the distance. The shiver in my bones was strong, but my feet found motion to warmth. “I will sleep for you” was my soft response and I will do only that.

There is a beauty in the way it doesn’t hurt to breathe today and a praise that rests on my tongue for the love I’ve been privileged to soak in. I waited during winter, but spring is here and there is a newness in the air that I must embrace. The seasons we sing may cease mid-song, but we must sing still. I was walking barefoot through the most soothing sand, basking in the sun and now I am buried, bare-chested in the snow. As I awoke from the promise I slept securely in, my eyes opened to proclaim the day to be beautiful and worthy of my attention.

The chapter I started to write, I can no longer hold, so it will rest peacefully, on hold. The signature at the closing was the most beautiful I’ve seen; inked in sincerity, bold in structure, flowing in the curves of the letters, as if it was dancing there on the page before my eyes and in the middle of it all was undeniable joy. I closed the chapter at 3am while whispering “It Is Well“, but I folded the corner of the page, knowing I will turn to read its wonderful words daily. There is a hope in my steps and there is a world before me that is searching for hope, so I must walk forward with head held high and eyes open to the colors painted for me to see because, it is well.


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