Checking Off Projects

I’ve been pretty fortunate to be able to have an entire room in my house devoted to just drums and guests quarters, so I’ve been trying to make the most of it. The acoustics in the room are pretty bright and the old windows in the house don’t help dampen much of the sound. For the sake of my neighbors and well, myself, I decided to build some sound panels to help deaden the room. When it comes to room acoustics, I’m not a genius, but I’ve learned a few things and wanted to incorporate them. Due to my innate ability to procrastinate, the project has been 1/2 finished for months. Thanks to some self-realization about my procrastination problem and a bit of motivation from Bethany, I set out to finish what I had begun and succeeded. I’m pretty happy with the outcome and the cost was next to nothing. Here’s a little run through of what I did:

1227121249There was an old bookshelf left in the house from the previous roommates, so naturally I tore it apart to use the wood.


1227121729After I disassembled it and cut the boards to the desired length, I framed it and cut corner pieces to give it a bit more stability.


0314132329I used burlap for the covering, not only because it looks awesome, but because you need the surface to “breathe” and allow the sound to pass through and not bounce off. I purchased the burlap in the gardening section of Home Depot for very cheap. Since the quality of the burlap was purposed for outdoor use, I doubled it up to give it a cleaner appearance. I stretched it out and used staples to secure it around the edges.

0314132329aFor the backside, I used the guts of an old comforter I found. I’ve yet to see if I packed too much in and need to remove some, but it works for now. To keep it in the back, I stapled strips of elastic in random criss-cross fashion, which was a last-minute decision that worked out great!

0314132333The finished product in its glory! I’ve framed out and will finish two smaller panels for either side of the large one and am very excited to get them up soon. The panel gives the room a “home studio” feel, while the burlap keeps things cost-effective and ever-so trendy. At some point, I’d love to paint on the panels and have them double as art pieces, but they will do just fine for now.

This has been a fun project and I’m happy its (mostly) done. Take time to get creative and use the resources at your fingertips. All together, for the 3 panels (and probably a few more) I spent around $15 between burlap, screws and staples, of which I have plenty left over for more projects. I know this post is a bit different from what I normally do, but hopefully it still inspires you to look around and see what you can create. We live in a country that over-indulges and takes for granted our many resources, so instead of trashing, re-purpose and simply enjoy again!


2 thoughts on “Checking Off Projects

  1. This is awesome, Joel! Really inspired me to create some sweet projects with old stuff around my house. Thanks! Hope all is well.


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