Last week six friends rented van and drove to Arizona from Nashville…aka Funpalooza.

It’s slightly ironic that I moved to Tennessee to escape the brutality of upstate New York winters, but found myself packed into a mini van with 5 other friends, driving 25hrs to Tempe, AZ… to escape the Nashville winter. What started as an idea a couple of months ago, was finally set into motion and we headed west. Personally, I’ve never traveled farther west than about mid-Texas/Tulsa, OK, so this trip was one I was looking forward to greatly.0206131519
I’m really not in the mood to write about the entire trip, just post these pictures and summarize. It’s always interesting traveling with new people to a new destination and the open road will stare right into your soul, exposing new sectors of your life to not only those around you but your own eyes. I am grateful for the life I have and the simple fact that I am able to travel because of my interests and in turn, the other interests I have outside of bicycles start to expand into a life I never imagined. There is a world around you waiting…


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