Seeking Instead Of Sinking

This is my return:
I am a bit out of practice and promise I will do my best to get acclimated to posting on a regular basis. As of right now, no longer exists due to nothing more than my own fault. Hopefully in the new future, it will make its return, stronger than ever.

Right now, I’m trying to unwind and enjoy life in the comforts of my favorite Nashville coffee shop, Crema, to the tune of Iron and Wine. In the last month, I started writing a new chapter and there has been an abundance to write about, but nothing ever goes as planned. Last night, the flickering of candle light shadows danced across my journal pages as I sipped on Chamomile and honey, searching for peace and solace. We never see the ripple effects of our actions until they are sweeping our feet from beneath us and carrying us out to sea, so we can see. In this moment, I feel lost at sea, but there is hope. I am waiting, not always patiently, but I am waiting for this journey to continue. I am hopeful there is a purpose and I am confident there is a plan, but I don’t feel as strong as Abraham and I’m subjected to all I see around me, so like Peter, so I sink. “I’m not ready to step out on treacherous waters God; I’m too distracted by the lefts and the rights.”

In the midst of questioning and searching, hoping and praying, brothers… we grow. I am encouraged to look forward and be confident in what I know to be true and the Truth that is being revealed to me day in and day out. There is a certain type of anxiety for the man who waits, not knowing what he is waiting for. This waiting will chip away at his confidence and leave him incapable of adhering to his design, his overwhelmingly purposeful design! In our weakness, we are renewed; in our despair, hope repairs.

I’m excited to be back and look forward to sharing some exciting new projects I’ve been working on! Slowly but surely, it’s all coming together. For those of you who don’t know, right now Instagram is my most used form of social media.
Give me a follow: @joelbarnett1025

Though uncertain of exactly where I am headed, I’m looking forward to the journey ahead and the grace that will be will me as I learn to seek God in the stillness and the storms.

hold fast hope
-joel william


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