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Its been a bit, but I’m still blaming that on not having a working computer. Nashville is great and I’m starting to settle in. I love my job at The Farm, a dog daycare Franklin,TN and its the best. I’m an official volunteer at Rocketown. I’ve been riding a lot and will be filming a new  edit soon. I try to paint new ideas and that leads me here…

I have 2 paintings for sale and maybe you can help share with friends or purchase yourself.




12″x9″ b/w watercolor and Sharpie printed on foamcore.
Asking $25 (includes shipping)



12″x9″ full color print, matted and framed. True to the original.
Asking $35 (includes shipping)

This is the first time I’ve really put effort into getting stuff printed and trying to share it with people. I haven’t had money for film, so I paint instead. Please share this with friends and consider helping make these types of pieces happen more often. I eventually will have a more accessible way for my art to be bought via webstore, so this is only temporary.

If you are interested in either piece, email me at:

Side thought: I believe the arts are valuable to society and have been reading a book called “The Gift” by Lewis Hyde, which was so graciously give to me by my dear friend Kyle Adem (check out his music and new album “Armor” at I’m learning to embrace the arts as gifts and the value of a gift is a beautiful thing. I have an asking price for the paintings to cover materials, printing, shipping, etc… but if you are somehow encouraged/touched by these paintings and cannot afford the asking price, disregard it. I’d rather have someone enjoy what I created and lose money, than hold to a bottom line. In the same token, if you find these worth more than I ask, feel free to give as desired. I have bills, living costs, financial emergencies just like everyone else, but it isn’t about that. I’m hoping to do my part in helping to build up a genuine community of artist who have gifts they want to share and recipients who understand the weight of a gift.

Please share and comment! I’d love to start interacting more with those of you that take the time to look at my photos, read my thoughts and enjoy my art. I truly appreciate your support and cannot thank you enough!

Hold Fast Hope
-joel william


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