The Wanderer’s Worries

I’m going to try and simplify all my thoughts into a coherent thought, for the sake of time and sanity. I’m wide awake at 5am soaking in episode after episode of 30 Rock. Another night sleepless and feeling as if I may have made the worst decision of my life or oddly enough, the best decision. I interviewed for a job at a dog daycare on Tuesday but I still await their call. I’m optimistic but very poor. I sat here eating two spoonfuls of peanutbutter, some stale lime tortilla chips and some koolaid out an old Carlo Rossi Sangria bottle. That food is essentially the last food I own, except for some pancake mix and oatmeal. Life kinda sucks right now. My expectations are in disarray and I wonder why I decided to make the move. its interesting to see how high to low life gets and how we handle it.

I wish more of my friends back in Syracuse called, but I’m incredibly thankful for Adem and the great friend he’s been to me. I’m always encouraged seeing a text from him at some random hour and it means a lot to me on so many levels. At any rate, my computer is still broke and I’m making the best of it.

Things will get better and I’m blessed beyond words. I still smile and although my pride is learning to stretch, I am thankful. There is a lot we can learn in every stage of life but we have to be willing to learn. Take each day as it comes, there is a beautiful world ready to greet you.

hold fast hope
-joel william


One thought on “The Wanderer’s Worries

  1. I read this, and I am sad for you. But at the same time, I know that you’re going to look back on this moment of time in your life from the future, and you’re going to love the adventure you’ve recorded. You always have been an adventurer and story teller.

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