The Last Days

I’ve been slacking on updates and after a stern reprimanding from my Syracuse parents, here is something to hold everyone over until I get back into the swing of things! I recently posted the first footage of me riding since I had ACL surgery back in December. It was shot at Cranx Bike Park in Syracuse, NY by Korey Kryder.

Huge thanks to Van and Stew @ Fit Bike Co, Dale @ Cranx, Nuno @ Odyssey, Brien @ Sparky’s for all helping out to get me back on the bike. Couldn’t have done it without those guys!

So this Saturday, I embark on a new adventure. I’m moving to Nashville, TN and taking 2 weeks to drive down the coast with Korey with a mini van under our feet and adventure in our hearts. I’m really excited about this vacation before starting a new chapter. I’m working on getting some new photos together to post before I leave and you better believe I will be documenting this whole trip. Well, I have to return to my last shift at work now, which has been bittersweet, but honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

hold fast hope
-joel william


One thought on “The Last Days

  1. Love it!!! It’s about time. Prayers are with you, brother! – Schugs

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