Johnson City In Ruins

On a warm Upstate mid-winter Monday, I wandered familiar Johnson City, NY streets, tripping on bubbled sidewalks. Old factories litter the landscape and buildings that were once a thriving hub for commerce, now stand battered by earth and time, finally accepting defeat. The fascination for the decayed always intrigues me because it seems sort of counterintuitive to our nature. With cameras and Photoshop twisting everything we see these days, there is still wholesome beauty in the flawed. Society praises the spotless lambs of skin and structure, ingraining beauty to be obsolete in our everyday eyes. There are most definitely wonders of this world that will leave you speechless, but there is subtle beauty in the trampled paths we trudge along. Brick by brick, these factories gave birth to bright futures and provided opportunities that were unheard of in the area. In similar fashion, brick by brick, their last breaths with birth a new era. I swear, the more and more I realize that life happens in seasons, the easier it is to comprehend that everything is actually okay. Step in reverse and see that the big picture is still lovely and hopeful.

Pentax K1000 on Kodak 400.


4 thoughts on “Johnson City In Ruins

  1. Oh that’s fine, no worries. Yeah, I only shoot film and most of the time its strictly B&W, but sometimes I like to toss in a color roll and see what kind of colors I can get out of it.

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