Polaroids Are Instant Fun!

The Bikes of 943.

Last May I struck gold and found a polaroid and 3 packs of 600 film at a garage sale for only $2. I’ve been saving it for just the right time and this last weekend proved to be perfect for such the occasion. I shot a bunch of really fun things and I’ll be posting them slowly. Being able to shoot polaroids has been incredibly exciting and its easily my favorite type of shooting to do at the moment. I also recently got my hands on a Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera and was able to get some excellent film from The Impossible Project and was able to shoot a few things on my recent trip to Texas. Huge thanks to The Impossible Project for doing what they do and keeping an awesome art form alive. Head over to their website and see what they’re all about.

Hopefully now that I’m back to my “normal” life, I’ll be posting more often and sharing a bunch of stuff that has been collecting digital dust! If you’re interested in more of my photos, check out my FLICKR, as sometimes I post stuff there that doesn’t make it here.

Also don’t forget to follow me on Twitter: @joelbarnett1025 and @floodthehull


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