Snow Leopard Days

Sunday February 5th 2012
I’ve never let the idea of doing something alone be a deterrent to my plans. The day did radiate with sunshine and with no real motive other than to shoot pictures, I found myself at the Syracuse zoo. The winter season at the zoo is called Snow Leopard Days and the discount rate of only $4 that came with the title proved to be crucial to the plan all together. Money is tight these days, so I am always in search of cheap adventures; $4 is pretty cheap. Passing through the main doors, I was rewound to my 4th grade year, the last time I had been to the Syracuse zoo. I gave the admissions teller the crisp one dollar bills I had just taken out of the bank and made my way down a strangely familiar hallway. I find it amazing that I found such familiarity in a place I had not seen in over 10 years; the mind amazes me to no end. I walked quietly around the zoo with the hopes of getting some interesting photographs, but found myself watching the people closer than the animals.

Mittens pressed up against steel and glass while snotty noses sniffled with vicious agendas. Parents answered uncomfortable questions about animals they knew nothing about and then squished the cheeks of children while applying liberal amounts of chapstick to squirming offspring. Old men wore smiles like those of the children when they held the hands of their sweethearts and admired magnificent creatures. Constant smiles were provoked as I would round a corner to witness children trying to mimic that animal that stood before them, no matter how annoying the sound; boys howling as wolves and girls trumpeting as elephants. Eaves dropping, I learned of how active the animals were on this day compared to most others. It seems as if many of these zoo patrons were amazed at the level of energy possessed in the zoo on this given Sunday; a day worth smiling for.

This was all quite a wonderful experience by itself, but add in the wonder of creatures imported to our front door and we had a splendid afternoon to enjoy. I would have loved to have been able to share this day with another person and I did make the attempt, but I am awkward and plans are best left in the air. My solidarity did not take away from the experience and as I think about it, it most likely magnified my surroundings to a level I could hear. I was not distracted by making jokes with a friend or with my head in the clouds, I just enjoyed life as it was laid out before me. This mentality is important, especially when you are single and hoping to ditch your singularity for the grand pursuit of shared life and love. So many times I have gotten frustrated at being alone and cursed my awkwardness and high standards for such life, but it is monumental to be content. Take life as it is given and find joy in every living thing. This kind of goes back to the seasons post, but more importantly, don’t be afraid to continue on with your life, even if no one follows. Life has become more impressive when viewed with eyes that aren’t constantly searching for everything their attached heart does not have and still lusts after. Remain hopefully in desires but remain true in form and life will always speak to you, no matter how bright the day; this is your life and it will be everything you make it.


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