The Simple Life

                     This apple is having a solo party and loving every minute of it!

Quiet nights don’t last very long in the world I live in and tonight’s silence is replaced with some Iron & Wine. Right now, I’m waiting on 3 rolls of film to be developed that go back as far as June-ish. I’m starting to get restless and ever so antsy. Money is tight, so I have to stockpile film before I actually get it developed and I pulled the trigger this week and went with it. So now as I wait, I think. Life has been pretty simple lately. Money is pretty tight, but I still manage to do fun things. My worries are minimum and life is good. It’s funny, but I am incredibly happy lately. There are still tons of things that I wish were part of my life (bike, travels, beautiful brown-haired girl, etc) but I am very content in the meantime. I’m learning that life is better and substantially more burden-free, if you live it one day at a time and give thanks for the day, not worrying about tomorrow. There are things I want, but my wanting them spoils what I currently have. The balance, is to have desires and still be able to be joyous in your current situation, whatever it may be. This concept isn’t new or foreign, but I do need to work on it each and every day. Keep life simple and hold fast hope!


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