Seasons Must Change

Thorden Park in Syracuse, NY is gorgeous in its respective seasons, but on one warm fall day, I shot this photo which told the story of the months to come. Two trees, not 40ft apart, told two completely different stories. Shot with: Canon AE-1 with Portra 400

Change is inevitable and if I have learned anything, its that change doesn’t wait till you are ready. Living in Syracuse has brought both the good and bad changes to my doorstep and all I’ve been able to do is open the door and welcome them inside, in hopes of learning. Syracuse is known for the beauty of it’s four distinct seasons. I didn’t really care too much about this except for the fact that I love swimming in the summer and sledding in the winter. Recently, I began to parallel the seasons of nature to the seasons of life. Whether we like it or not, change is coming and we usually have a choice as to whether we are wearing boardshorts in the snow or not; follow? Life cycles in seasons and seasons need to remain where they stood and not overlap too much; we’ll never fully enjoy winter until we let go of summer. Sure, you can pass through winter complaining about the cold and wishing you were in back in the warm arms of summer, but you haven’t learned to appreciate the beauty of change. I find that we hold onto summer…or rather, winter.

When we experience hurt in our lives, it is crucial that we learn to adapt to our experiences and move forward. In Ecclesiastes 3:1 it says: “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens”. It then goes on to give different examples of the summer/winter scenario. I really don’t have any dispute with you if you don’t believe the Bible, that is not my agenda, but there is wisdom in those words. When we choose to not properly deal with pain/hurt/failure in their proper seasons, we stifle the grandeur of how life was meant to be lived. Seasonal changes are not always fun and let’s be honest, they can be downright hell, but they are essential for growth.

I have gone through seasons where I held onto winter and never felt the warmth of summer. It’s this sort of retrospective view that makes me feel like I missed out on key things, but hopeful in today and how I can let winter, be winter. Discard past hurts, they are simply things of the past. The discarding process may destroy parts of you because you have held them so tightly that their roots have found your veins, but detachment is crucial. Life is glorious when you can enjoy the day for the pure joy that it is today! Open your heart and sever the chords that keep you bound, there is a life that is aching for you to live it.


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