While at the second stop of my Syracuse Coffee House tour tonight, I sat quietly as I thought of something worth writing down in my journal. I found a few things to jot down pertaining to insincere friends, general observations, future hopes and so forth. Now, I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one, but I eavesdrop hard! If someone is talking and I myself am not conversing with anyone, I will lend an ear to your conversation if I find it intriguing. On occasion, I have even gone as far as to put in headphones without even turning on my Ipod. I find it hilarious to listen to people talk about things they think you cannot hear. Is it rude? Possibly. I mean, it’s in public. If you don’t want others to hear you, save it for somewhere else. Anyway you look at it, I still eavesdrop without caring how rude it may or may not be.

Tonight I sat thinking when I overheard what I thought to be a train approaching the end of the line via a giant canyon. There were two ladies talking between one another and a man sitting adjacent to them. He was solemnly drinking his coffee when a particularly upbeat song came on. I missed the spark of the fire, but the man-made a comment about the cool nature of the beat in the song. They agreed and then made mention that the man looked familiar, which snowballed a series of interrogation style questions. The man fumbled answers, “No, not at a restaurant. Oh he looked like me? Uhh… what was his name, I’d like to meet someone who looks like me. Uhhh…I uh, play some music here and there. Uhhh…” and I knew that this was a disaster in the making. The women had a relentless nature about them as if detectives solving the worlds best mystery and this guy was timid in response to say the least. I sensed a bit of embarrassment in his voice when he mentioned he was mostly a student, appearing to be in his late 30’s early 40’s. The women continued to talk to each other as if he no longer existed. “Doesn’t he look like that guy at the restaurant?! Yeah he definitely looks familiar”. I easily get embarrassed for other people when they botch something or start losing a social battle. I turned away, in fear of what would awkwardly and undoubtedly happen next, then all of a sudden…CLICK! The man used a soft tone to enunciate the name of a previous musical project he was in when one of the women exclaimed, “THAT’S IT!”. What I saw unfold before my eyes and to the joy of my ears, was 15 minutes of pleasant conversation between three people who had a lot in common and had numerous mutual friends. I couldn’t believe it, there was no way that something so apparently headed for an uncomfortable dismissal could end so brilliantly! As I am most often, I sat silently thinking of how wrong I’d been in my thoughts.

For whatever reason, this little experience encouraged me. The man was simply himself and didn’t shy away when asked uneasy questions by the hand of inquisitive minds. This gave me a bit of hope, being an analytical person, that things do not always go as planned. A seed of hope was planted and a small lesson was reinforced. Life works out better when you take risks and don’t worry about whether people respond how you think they might respond. Too many times I have veered away from situations because I created the ending in my mind before the beginning could take place. It’s possible that I was extra aware of this notion considering I have been thinking about all the girls I’ve liked and how I never asked 90% of them out; I wrote the story so that they couldn’t. I’ve found reasons upon reasons, as to how we “could never work out” and such. In retrospect, that seems a bit foolish and in a way, I regret not taking chances. I hope this little experience taught me to step out on a few more limbs, in not only the dating world, but in all areas of life.

And I’m out.


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