Ten Days Out

I’m about 10 days out of surgery and the knee is looking awesome! I had the same surgery on my left knee back in 2005, so in about 7 years, the right knee should look like the left knee does now, which is kind of cool to thing about. I’ve been stretching alot and on Thursday the 29th when I got my staples remove, the doctors were floored at how fast I was recovering. My knee can hang down at a 90 degree angle and I can lift it up from that to about 10 degrees already. I am working hard to build back the muscles and get back on the bike as soon as physically possible. I’ll keep the update moving right along…

A while back, I had the crazy idea to put together a coffee table style book of my favorite photos I have shot so far and write-up little descriptions about the photos. I have a few ideas and will be incorporating my photography, painting and writing into a nice big mess for you to one day buy. I threw together this mock-up spread in about 15 minutes and am so happy to see a small glimpse of what it could be. It will be a long process of piecing everything together, but I have some time on my hands, so I have a positive outlook.

Hello 2012!


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