Albion Photo: The Story Untold

The dull clank of the bottle cap finding a home on my kitchen ledge brings the smile on my face to stretch a little bit further. I’ve just made my nest on a cozy couch in an empty house as I sip on a delicious London Porter; I am now ready to begin story time.

On July 3rd, 2010, Nate, Korey and I adventured around Rochester, NY in hopes of filming some clips for an edit and shooting some photos. There was no agenda and the blistering heat kept us changing our plans and in constant search of shade. We made our way to a wallride underneath a bridge, referred to as the “Poop Walls”, to see if we could figure out something worth shooting. I did a few wallrides and the gears started to turn in my head.

When I ride my bike, I find the simple things to be most enjoyable and love to shoot photos of that simplistic nature of my riding. To me, nothing beats a good tuck, high air, or roasted wallride. I looked at the ledge that was seemingly way too far up and joked about trying to get up there somehow. The sink quikcrete transition wasn’t the best, but I decided to give it the good ol’ college try. I pedaled fast and after a decent amount of frustrating tries and hearing “nope”, I thought about throwing in the towel. My energy was draining at an alarming rate and I couldn’t seem to get my back tire high enough to deem it satisfactory.

I gave it one more full throttle pedal and the deed was done. I remember landing, unsure of whether or not I had gotten to the right spot, when I heard Korey yell, “Uhh… yeah, we got it.” I hurried over to the grass patch where he and Nate were posted and reviewed the shot. Bingo! Out of energy and ready to call it, I was finally content with the outcome. We knew we had something good and because of the buzz about the spot and the rumors of people wanted to get up to the ledge, we were super excited to get the click. Both Korey and I knew that this photo was special and needed to be saved for a fitting showcase. At the time, I was riding for FBM and tried push it as a print ad or possibly a poster. After about a year of trying to get it used somewhere, FBM and I parted ways and we were on our own for getting it printed somewhere that people would be able to see it. Around this time, the second issue of The Albion had just been printed and shipped and was being snatched up like hot cakes. Korey and I were joking about sending it to them and then like all our jokes, we went too far. We decided to roll the dice and see if they would take the photo and run it in one of their issues. It’s safe to so that neither of us were expecting much, but they were stoked on the shot and the ball started to gain momentum. Issue 3 of The Albion had already been laid out, so we were told it would be running as a full-page photo in issue 4; we were beyond floored! Korey has never had a photo printed in a magazine, so this was exceptionally good news and a huge stamp on his resume. We waited months and when issue 4 came, no photo. We were bummed but after sorting out some confusion, we were slated for a page in issue 5; Issue 5 came in the mail today!

Korey and I waited about a year and a half to make sure that this photo was used properly. At times we lost hope and at other times we forgot about the photo all together. The chance of it ever getting used slowly faded, but it all paid off. I can’t explain how ecstatic I was to open the magazine and finally see the photo in tangible form. Korey and I both burst out laughing and then properly high-fived each other and congratulated one another on our success. We then ordered chicken-wing pizza to celebrate and enjoy the harvest.


2 thoughts on “Albion Photo: The Story Untold

  1. Im a little late on this considering you posted it a month ago but thats awesome and congratulations to both of you. It is definitely an awesome photo.

  2. Thanks buddy, I (we) really appreciate it! Seriously feels like one of the biggest accomplishments so far on this bicycle haha As soon as Cranx opens up, you better come up and stay at the house for a weekend so we can shred it!

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