The Changing Of Times

As life moves forward, I remember different days. This photo was shot by the only girl I’ve ever dated and one day I will get a print of it made. The weather is finally getting colder and with that, Syracuse becomes familiar again. Next Thursday, I’ll be having an ACL replacement surgery on my right knee. I had my left knee done back in 2005 and so I know the drill. Hopefully we’ll be doing an intense PT so that I can be riding again in as little as 3 months. Fingers are crossed and I’m ready to work hard. I’m finding motivation again lately and it’s in the form of photography. I pulled out some old negatives that I shot while taking a photography class at BCC in the spring of 2007. Since it was a class, I only printed around 10-15 photos out of 10-15 rolls. Needless to say, I am quite anxious to get a scanner and see what the photos look like blown up! Also, with so much downtime ahead, I’m really trying to get the ball rolling to finally setup a darkroom in my basement and do everything in-house. That would be a dream come true and I can’t wait for it!

Life has been slow going lately and I am trying to press on with a smile on my face and hope in my heart. It never goes as planned, but somehow I still wake up to a world of grace from the hands of a merciful God. I am trying to not exist in a sense and push that everything I do be about someone other than myself. As soon as I exist in my head, I move to my heart and all unravels. It’s the simple truth that I feel most depressed when I think about “me” and how unfair life is to “me”. As soon as I think about others, my needs are somehow fulfilled and all is well with my soul. Maybe Jesus has had it right all along and I’ve been too focus on my feet to comprehend what He said. I want ears to hear.


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