Never As Planned

I’ve concluded that life is better when I abandon my plans and just let it lead me where it may. My days become blessings as stress retreats and I allow friendships to grow. One thing I’ve been trying to piece together for a bit is an interview with my roommate/good friend Mario and his paintings. Mario is a one of a kind dude and his well-timed witty commentary on life keeps me in stitches. Mario started to paint this year and I was blown away at how he dove into it headfirst and has such a raw talent for that style of art. I’m not sure when or how the interview will come together, but I assure you it will be entertaining and quite awesome! I’m stoked for everyone to see what I deal with all the time hahaha!

Mario pre-fall morning porch hangout session as he rocks the Kramer hair.

Mario found this in the garbage down the street. He was super stoked on it and needed to spruce it up with some paint before it made its home on our porch.


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