Sidewalk Talk (100th Post)

One day I will be whole and then in the same sunset, long to be broken once again. I am the red and orange leaves scattered among the rocks of the paths we walk. I love to catch your eye, but hide decay as I sleep on my stomach, while worms make their home in my cover. Find a way to attach me back to the branch and display my color to the breeze as it scratches my exposed spine. In days so short, I will sway by songs sung by lips so cold and hearts so warm. Or maybe they just have lips warmed by others and still sing with cold hearts; I cannot yet tell. Either way, my frame gives up and bends in the southern winds that call my name aloud again. “In time, my sweet escape”, I reply as the northward winds keep me pinned to the tree’s hold. Find a ladder of knots and bark and stretch out your hand to stop my racing decay. Pull me from constrained days and place me in a memory book you will most likely forget to fill. We are all so tired and we are all still awake, so come to life and lay your heads to the trunk of the trees. Sit on the edge of earth and be cradled by roots so deep.

Laminate me in a page you can always turn to and may these days keep your smile whole.

Currently listening to: mewithoutYou – Catch For Us The Foxes
Currently drinking: Yogi Echinacea Immune Support Tea (hot)


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