The Reflective Property

This week has been absolutely insane for me; when it rains it pours, then the sun appears.
I spent a majority of the week with a tear soaked face, of which there were many sources:
Pain. Hope. Fear. Hopelessness. Blessing. Love. Joy. Comfort. Hope. Abandonment. Hope.
To say I am emotional is rather off-putting in my eyes, but I cannot deny the title.
This week was incredibly rough for me and by the mercy of my Lord, I have persevered.
I wept because the love of a mother, I wept for the death of plans; I wept for selfishness.
The start of the week was hopeless, the end hopeful. To that I say: HOLD FAST HOPE!
By the grace of my Lord, I continue to see through eyes that are not my own.
My eyes see mirrors, but He lends me eyes capable of vastness and vivid color.
This post is merely saying: All is not lost and life is beautiful even in the darkest days.
If ever I could testify of something, it is the undeniable fact that there is Hope.


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