The Day I Wrote A Movie Script (Or Just Drove To Work)

Reach straight ahead and put an end to the horrific tone,
Inhaling deeply, I forget why I made movement towards my phone.
In tiredness the night before, graciously five chances were set,
To be reminded there are still a few reasons, for the coming day to be met.
Three out of five and I cast not a smile, but lay there silent and still,
When fear of failure and subtly of shame begin to corrode my will.
Toes meet the cold hardwood with the crack of a towering cedar’s core,
I scrape the sleep from my face and start to wonder if somehow there is more.
Jetting away to a place I have many of times made my course to,
My imagination renders casualties by the hand of the seemingly reality anew.
Retinas burning with fury, wonderfully bask in the dark of the morning,
An odd film is being quietly produced, in my unaware mind without warning.
A blue iPod tempos a soundtrack, to hastily cast forth the day,
Arguably, ideas of standing up and leaving it all behind, never seem to stray.
I watch the film roll, through the windowed screen of silver and rust,
Peacefully playing, with my focus to its cause rendered a must.
An exit so familiar, recoils its place within my dear memories folder,
I wander a bit in thought and end up questioning why for I now feel older.
Straight and narrow are seen through the most crooked of eyes,
Roads of dreams and aspirations, wrap you as comfortably as hidden lies.

Liverpool becomes a foreign kingdom, to rest my weary head,
But I would still give near anything, to be back lying naked in bed.
Tunes of love and of love let go, magnify as they begin to sting,
For she is still the joyful melody, my heartbeat longs to sing.
As sit in a hopeless trance of tune, my sore feet pass the next mile,
Once he, a hated enemy, now helps my lips conclude a smile.
E-brake safely engaged, my journey has sadly ended before it all began,
To a dull reality I emerge, but with me is carried the hope of constructing a plan.
For days draw long and my thinly wore hopes still burden the weight,
Of my eternal selfish desires and my disgusting current state.
Exiting the car, as I stand up tall and start to shake loose the dirt,
Not bits of earth fall to cover my shoes, but rather pieces of my hurt.

I will be okay.


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