We Smile A Lie

And there you were and here I am.
I sit wondering about how the night has treated you and how your smile glowed.
On my walk tonight, a strong wind blew from the east and shook my frame;
In that moment, you sang to me with no reserve and I felt whole again.
Met by a wind so bold, the oak and maple rattled in shock and awe.
You might never find notes as beautiful as the ones you play in my mind,
So play; play until your fingers bleed love to the ivory and sting of passion.

And when you are tired, please do not stand, but let us lie here in stillness.
And when you can swing no more, rest your soul and let me push you with delight.
And when you cannot swim, let us wash up on shore with the horseshoe crabs.
And when you disappear, let my voice speak abracadabra, helping you reappear.
And when you sigh deeply, know that you are being fought for without end.

Sometimes the fight is for your hand and sometimes the fight is for your heart,
But I am always fighting to mirror your worth back into your celestial circled irises.
You have spoken words I do not believe, but somehow, you change my mind.
You smile a lie, but I know you, for you are the one I have grown to love.

The time has passed with haste and the seasons shed their skins prematurely.
We are not who we were and we are not who we will be, my dearest.
I am here for you, as I have been from the start and will continue to be.
The course I have set foot to, brings answers in forms of questions and silence.

My eyes are tired and my heart the same, but this is nothing new to my existence.
I will rest and find strength to love you tomorrow as I do today.
Days will pass and leaves will fall to decomposition, but I will continue my fight.
If I am honest, some days I feel like I just fight you, to find you.

If I find your hand to hold or find it to pull to safety, my grip will be love.
And if we sit quietly, breathing hesitation, my breath will be love for you.


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