Safer In A Tree

A quiet Sunday night spent in this manner:

I left behind a partially filled coffee cup and an empty bottle.
The stillness of the night pleaded for my company; I, with no hesitation, responded.
With a few possessions in my pockets, I walked down familiar streets, holding a smile.
The glow of orange and the fullness of a moon lit sky gave light to my face.
My motion gave birth to clarity and relaxation, bundled together in each perfect step.
I climbed a mountain of concrete and brick, atop a hill of earth, in the heart of Euclid.
Amount of oxygen delayed not to decreased as my quality of life seemingly increased.
A summit of sorts was found and I sat quietly on a concrete pillar.
Syracuse never looked so peaceful; so complete in purpose and brilliant in design.
As I inhale, the crackling of clove breaks the silence, just as life interrupts plans.
My eyes leave their fixation of the city below and turn to my left in awe of a plan.
Outstretched limbs entice with great weight and I begin to scale the creation.
Now cradled by bark and moonlight, my cares board the closest cloud and drift away.
Laughing to myself, I think about the possibility of someone walking beneath me.

What terror would strike them if I were to greet them from my perch!
How ghostly they would become if I scraped their head with my foot!

I lay my head back in solitude as I wish to fall into the deepest sleep, aloft in this tree.
Fear of blood pouring out of me as gravity rudely awakens me, lays to rest this idea.
Straightening my back and indulging in the beauty, I release a smile to the world below.
Thoughts of failure and monies I don’t possess fall to the wayside at these heights.
My days are spent in dark mine shafts of worry and burden, but light is given to my nights.
This night harbors thoughts of my family, the girl I love, friends dear and lovely memories.
Earth then mocks its nature and stops abruptly with a force that rattles the cage of my ribs.
Rhythmic love erupts from a heart pounding and life is seen through harvest moon irises.
This quiet night becomes cherished in thought; contained by my existence.
How subtlety the truths of life hit us, on nights so unexpected!


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