18 Hours In The Adirondacks: Part II

To recap, visit Part I first.

Eyes now opened, but the blurry state of existence could render them useless. I wipe away what little sleep remained in their possession and demanded they wake. Onward. I crack my neck with great agony as the miles start to add up to a notable worth. With each mile that waves goodbye, my heart grows anxious in the conclusion it was ready to receive.

I look for a parking spot, but oddly enough at 8:15am, there is a surprising amount of cars sleeping on the side of the road. I assume the position of the engine in the front of the train as I back up seemingly connecting myself to this train of adventure seekers. Crumpling up my towel, I force it into my backpack. Without notice, my backpack is dizzy as it swings onto my back. I walk. The walk to the swimming hole was short and my feet appreciated the quota they had been given. As I moved tree branches from the path and stepped over large rock, I expected the normally quiet swimming spot to be crawling with adventure seekers, on account of the amount of cars, of course. I crest the ridge and not a soul was found in my sniper like eyes. I scanned and scoured for people, but to no avail. I smiled.

I strip myself of shirt and shoes and walk to a small ledge. The instance my toes touch the water in my walk, I shiver with excitement. Looking down from the ledge that made it’s home about five feet from the surface of crystal, I smiled. The sun laughed as it frolicked about on the waters skin. Inhaling with excitement I stepped forward and dove into relief below. Razor blades. The crispness of the mountain stream tore away the pain and stresses that cloaked my body. My skin burned with shock, I stretch out my arms and force them to give movement to their substance. I shed the worry that plagues my waking moments like a snake to it’s skin in the arrival of the new season. My past and pain sink to the stream’s floor that was blanketed by the smoothest rocks. With lungs tapping my shoulder to remind me of my nature, I surface. Breaking through the plane of the water felt like I was breaking the ribbon of the greatest marathon one could run. I felt completely naked as one just birthed and whole as one who just met their Creator. I wipe the droplets of renewal from my face and smile in my existence. In that moment, I am glad I allowed myself to continue to live and didn’t sever my life short during the darkest nights. The warmth of the sun reminds me that life is beautiful and these are the moments that my Creator shouts worth to my core. In this moment I decided to listen and accept His words.

I paddled my arms across the body of water to the opposite shoreline, then climb through rocks and trees to the highest point I could find. I step to the edge as I contemplate the jump I had made ten to fifteen times before. Not a consequential jump by any means, but today was different. Being in the middle of nowhere ready to jump off a small cliff makes every cautionary thought wedge itself into your mind all at once. Freak accidents happen all the time and that day was the perfect stage for one. My awareness noted, but my desire prevailed. Toes hanging over the edge, my eyes meet the water and I mutter an obscene remark I shall not repeat. I cared so little, that I was prepared for my last words to be an obscenity. My legs gave out and with no remorse I stepped out to greet the surface below.
Soaked in splendor, adrenaline and ice-cold mountain water, I laughed. Upon swimming to shore I set up my camera and made this little video as I decided to jump once again.

Now fulfilled in my conquest, I wrapped my towel around my drenched frame and hiked back down the hill to Semper. The morning announced itself as significant and I agreed.

Part III soon.


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