On The Road

1:03 AM_
I toss my belongings into the back seat of my silver car and escape city life.
A two-hour drive ahead of me means only two things: thinking and singing.
My voice is hoarse and static to human ears but my mind guided by clarity.
This two-hour venture to Pennsylvania brought me home in so many ways.
I broke through and convinced myself that I was not insane; you say I am.
Simple Math and logical deductions helped me reach my conclusion.
So where now do my conclusions make their home?
Have I been led to believe that your empty lies have weight and worth?
I hope you are not a liar, but for the sake of my sanity, it’s easier if you are.
Crisscross your words and tie them tight around my core; I am not wise.
Cut off my hair Delilah; for you are lying, but I don’t mind tonight.


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