Ascend Without Hesitation

The fear of not knowing how life will unfold weighs heavy on my heart day-to-day;
Second guessing my actions and dissecting my thoughts in a way that turns my stomach ill.
And then there is you; you who brings a lifeboat to my flooded mind!
You have let loose the life ring and still refuse to pull me to safety.
I float patiently, knowing you have paddled all this way, just to save me from myself.
Awake from your slumber and save me from that which I dread the most!
The separation of water and soul is unmeasurable in times as these.
Reach out your hand and know that in my clasping it, I will never let go.
We can float, tossed and tried by the tempest, but we will never loosen our gaze.
My brown eyes are fixed on the collision of color in yours, most lovely.
They are simply a lure, that stings as it pulls me out of my comfort and into your arms.
When finally in your arms, my lungs gasp not for air, but reside with calmness.
It is in your arms I wish to draw my final breath, knowing all is as it was made to be.


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