Luke’s Place

Earlier this year, my younger brother Luke had a crazy idea to open a restaurant of sorts.
With a solid reputation for cooking delicious chicken dinners, he gave it a whirl.
Every Saturday, he gives Lemon, PA a reason to follow their noses to his shop.
Oddly, there must be a strong wind in Pennsylvania, because people travel for his chicken!
On most Saturdays, he will completely sell out of 100 or so chicken dinners.
That is impressive, but having been open not even two months… that is astounding!
Along with Saturday dinners, he offers normal deli shop subs and specialties weekly.
Philly cheesesteaks, pulled pork sandwiches, juicy burgers, seafood salad and more!
I am incredibly proud of Luke and the work he has done to make this happen.
If you are ever wandering around Northeast PA, stop at his place on Route 29 in Lemon;
You’ll be greeted with a smile and your stomach will enjoy some savory food!

The man, the myth, and the Northeast legend himself!

Mario digging into a mouth watering chicken dinner with beans, slaw and apple pie!

The gang approves of the outdoor seating on a gorgeous Northeast summer day!


One thought on “Luke’s Place

  1. Luke’s Place is awesome the chicken is to die for, and the people are amazing also, Luke did chicken for our family get together and it was the first thing gone, Keep up the good work Luke, Pastor and everyone else that is there helping!!!! with love The Brown’s

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