The Sounds Of Morning

I awoke with a startle and a racing heart to an unfamiliar world.
Swift footsteps from an early morning jogger convinced me the day had begun.
Sitting up and looking around I scrambled for my phone and hoped.
Four forty-nine in the morning.
Breathing again, I smiled and then laughed to myself.
Last night, I unfolded my sleeping bag in the front yard and looked at the stars.
I was praying for a few different friends and then thought it best to just sleep.
My sleeping bag now filled to capacity and hoodie as a headrest, I began.
One of the deepest sleeps I can remember and I was actually happy to wake.
I gathered my things from the nearby porch and shuffled inside the house.
One cup pancake mix, three-fourths cup water; those are the directions.
The sizzle of the pancake batter sang loudly to my tuned out ears.
One plate mounded with pancakes later, I sat back in my chair and smiled.
Who does this? What person in their right mind is so obscure?
As I walked to the shower I just chuckled softly and shook my head.
Check the water temperature: right on the money!
Wiping my eyes as if it were five in the morning, I stood motionless.
Hot water brought rejuvenation to my spirit and cleanliness to my body.
Warmth was appreciated on this oddly cold morning and I thank it greatly.
Now I sit next to three open windows, listening to a world awakening.
The birds have begun their songs, the cars hurry on their way and I smile.


Look around you; life is interesting if you take the time to let it be so.


One thought on “The Sounds Of Morning

  1. i just wanna say that this story was funny when i heard it at work this morning from you and that it’s just as funny reading it this 2nd time.. i can imagine it so much better with all these details you left out this morning!! hahaha

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