2:08 Ante Meridiem.

Ponder the fact that I am not whole; given purpose, but not complete.
What if it never gets better than the half you possess? What if??
I don’t mean to be rude, but you dear, have never been more wrong.
What makes you think it gets better? Your half is wholly what I desire.
Your words do not wear me thin or leave me looking elsewhere;
You have my attention like you’ve had all the while.
Every night holds the same thoughts as many nights past:
Will my words one day not fall on deaf ears? Will you ever listen to me?
Open your ears or shall I just clear my throat and speak with more clarity?
I am seeking no further; my gaze will never lose focus of you.
My depth of field is set and the grass and stars are but a blur to my eyes.
You are the only clarity this world has set before my lens.
I’ll repeat it and repeat it and repeat it and repeat it until you believe it…
I have come full circle to say: I know it does not get any better than you.
What nonsense it is, for you to think you know what I desire!

If you are only poison, my dear, I am only anti venom.
The death you have bottled, falls to the dirt beneath my tired feet.
Your poison reaches not my veins and swims not to my heart.
How have you not seen me sipping this so-called poison all the while?
Time and love have built up my immunity and you do not hurt me.
I have endured bitter, discomforting days, slowly learning how to love.
Admittedly, sometimes I open my throat and drink too eagerly, but I am still here.
This is all well and good if you were poison, but I assure you, you sting not.
To some, you may be bitter or lacking them in satisfaction, but not I.
You are more refreshing than cold spring water that renews my strength.
What blessing and joy you have sung into my tuneless existence!
The music was wrote long ago but I have been searching for your melody.
You know just the right words to sing; you know just the right things to say.

This time has not been easy, but every day I am reassured that it is completely worth all;
Every day, my hope is watered with your smile and the collision of color in your eyes.
How captivating are your eyes and what eternity does their beauty maintain!
They announce elegance to a world that knows not of something so lovely.

I will continue to shout your worth from the tallest cathedrals to the lowest streets.
But I will also continue to speak to you softly in the form of fervent whispers.
If none other care to hear, let my love pour into your ears and drip to your lungs.
With each breath you release, be not unsure of my love for you;
As on a frozen winter eve, may you always see my love as you exhale.
Oh how you are always on my heart and wrapping yourself around it tighter each day!
Long ago, did you begin to dig your roots deep into my life and my love.
I share neither my life nor my love without thinking of you.
My, how deep your roots have grown in such a seemingly short time span.
You must not know your own strength, but come, look at the fruit it bears!
Your strength leaves me staggering and hoping to one day be half as strong.
Staggering and hoping all the same, I remain right here patiently waiting.
I will gladly continue to wait until you let me try to love you.
These contents I embody are nowhere near significant enough for you,
But, I pray you might one day let me see if they will suffice for you.
I will be ready on that day and what joy shall flood my heart!

Waiting with patience and loving you always,


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