The Dead Sleep

Monday, which if you recall was Independence Day, my friend Steve and I adventured.
We headed over to the Oakwood Cemetery area and explored for a little while.

For some reason or another, I have always enjoyed cemeteries. The peace I feel and the thoughts that occur are like none I render from any other type of place. Think what you will about the death, but I pondered the idea of death when we were walking around. Death is basically the thread that ties life together, for everything dies. One day, every living creation will exhale and decay. The great unknown is what happens when you die. I believe this to be probably the most talked about subject in the history of mankind. It’s not the type of thing you can tell your friends about and let them know what it’s like. Depending on your faith or religion, or maybe your abstinence from such, you probably have come to a conclusion about what death brings. Death is the greatest mystery to me. It seems so comforting because no one really knows. I say that sticking to my faith and I believe that to the core. I don’t know what happens. I know what the Bible says about death, but I still accept that as a faith-based belief. Regardless of the unknown, one thing I always think about in cemeteries, is the amount of money that is wasted on ornate tombs and monuments to one’s life. They left behind something to be a testament to who they were. We see large, barred tombs and instantly think the deceased was wealthy and noble in word and deed. How pitiful is it to hold to a life that will be measured by the amount of stone you leave behind?! Our minds create scenes in which compassion and wisdom poured out of the mouths of these kings and queens resting in their eternal thrones. I seek not that life. I hope my life cannot be measured by earthly contents. I seek a life that will spread across the land like a cool summer breeze and bring comfort to all who feel its touch. I step back to something my dearest friend Kirsten has in her info:

We all die.

The goal isn’t to live forever, the goal is to create something that will.

Since I met her, this has been a recurring statement to my daily life. I want so badly to have a life that is left behind when I leave. I want to exit the stage and know the audience understood why I have hope and why I live the way I do.


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