Flooded Fridays! (6.24.11)

This is the first installment of Flooded Fridays!

Thornden Park is right around the corner from my house and many of times, I find myself pedaling through it with my camera slung around my neck. The park offers an overlook of Syracuse, pool, playground, basketball courts and football field amongst other interests. With summer weather finally starting to take off its coat and settle in, the water works have begun! There, right behind the pool, is the most peculiar sprinkler system. It is a large 360 degree blue and orange spiral that starts at about 3-4ft and works its way to around 10-12ft at its highest point. Water spurts out of the spiral, shooting towards the center and making a paradise for young children (or old children) to enjoy the simple fact that summer is here. On one odyssey through the park, I stopped to try to capture this unique piece in a creative way. I shot three photos, but this one is my favorite of the group!

I still have a bunch of 8×12″ prints for sale RIGHT HERE if you are interested!
All prints are now offered in a high quality black wooden frame for $22*
I would just like to get these out there, so I’ll barter or haggle with you!
Why wouldn’t you want these on your wall?! They will leave your guests stunned!

*Purchasing photo is guaranteed to increase your home value by $22. Think about it.


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