Back To The Basics

After a few weeks of having my computer set up in the basement, I am back upstairs.
I realized that I did not post as much when it was downstairs and that is not good.
Posting is good and hopefully will help me further my goals and share my dreams.
I hope posts will be more frequent, but at the same time, more unique.
When I say unique, I really mean thought-provoking. I want to get provocative!
To accomplish this, I will provide more structure to my posts and introduce:
Flooded Fridays will contain a photo of the week along with something else special.
My hope is to give you something to look forward to and keep you interested.
During the week, I will post very few photos and hopefully more writings and such.
Make sure you check back this Friday for the first installment… it will be a good start!

So I will share a quick story about a choice I made and hope to see through.
I sent in volunteer inquiries for the Southern Tier and Central New York Special Olympics.
There are two main reasons that I finally stopped procrastinating and took a step:

Number One: Eric Hennessey
I remember reading some time ago on Eric’s blog Trails Rule (Keep Moving!!), that he volunteered at a Special Olympic event and said it got him stoked. He made the decision spur of the moment and went by himself to do something awesome. That is the type of life that I wish to have. A video inspired him, he inspired me.

Number Two: The House Four Houses Down
Yesterday I was walking back home from the pizza shop by my house. The house four houses before mine is the home to a family I have never met. Although I have never met them, I have seen them outside and I know that their son has down syndrome. I see them from time to time and smile as I pass. Yesterday, I was walking back when I saw a little girl out in the yard. As I got closer, I noticed that she too had down syndrome. She stood by the road in pink shorts and a blue shirt with a make shift guitar in her hand that was oddly enough shaped exactly like a broom. She stood with a smile on her face and just sang. Her voice was soft and timid, but her joy echoed down the street. I smiled as I walked by and was never able to shake off that smile for the rest of the night. As soon as I walked in the door and sat at my computer, I got the ball rolling and looked up how to volunteer.

Inspiration comes when you least expect it and often time will hit you like a freight train.
Be willing to step out and get uncomfortable and make split second decisions.

Sunday afternoon was spent sitting by this Onondaga Lake Park version of a lighthouse and fishing. I suspect that she had no cares and enjoyed the solitude of the point. Her back was to the rest of the park and she overlooked only the lake. I imagine her day was pleasant… or maybe it was not and this was her escape.
I look at this photo wondering about the possibilities and ask one question:
I can speculate to no end why she was there, but why did I not just talk to her?


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