Life Is Awesome

I got a phone call that went as follows: “I’m stealing my brothers dog, want to see him?
OF COURSE! With a camera and stolen dog in hand, an adventure began…

Kirsten tried to eat Duke but he stood his ground and continued to remain cute.

Duke did not enjoy walking 4 miles and loved taking rests and looking insane.

Duke was rewarded with Starbucks for being such a wonderful sport throughout the day.

This isn’t really a typical update, but it is fun regardless.
Over the past week, the adventure above happened, followed by the Mike Tag Jam.
Ithaca is gorges this time of year and smiles were flowing.
So many good friends were seen and high fives exchanged.
All in all, a couple thousand dollars was raised for Mike Tag and that is awesome!!!

Zack Gerber frontflips over Cookie Monster and Latane for the lens of Stew Johnson.

Dennis Condusta is one of gnarliest dudes I know and always gets it done!

Cookie Monster was shredding his FBM Master Blaster and handing out smiles.


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