Subtle Wonder

It still amazes me that there is beauty right before our eyes and we hurry up to fall asleep.
In a strange moment at a BBQ, I left without warning and hiked over to these reeds.
Crawling through grass and rock, I raised my camera and pulled the trigger.
This is nothing ravishing or worth any measure of compliment, but I love it.
The feeling of the moment where I left what was comfortable and went to find the world.
I didn’t have a plan or an ending in sight, but I knew that I couldn’t just sit and wait.
I am ready to walk out the door and pioneer a world that was meant to be seen.


One thought on “Subtle Wonder

  1. Joel, this is amazing, and such a powerful thought. You have something that not to many people have, an appetite to seize the moment and to look beyond what everyone else can see. This I think is what makes you one of the most amazing beautiful people I have ever met. I am so thankful for you in my life. It’s amazing how God works. Smile Joel! =)

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