An Era In Which We Watch

No cares ever. The beauty of camp in Chame, Panama occupies this magnificent stage.

For some time now, I have been enslaved to a foreign mindset that skews and warps truth.
I sent out no invitations requesting, but this mindset barged in and took off its shoes.

War is waged in my mind and I believe my faith is being stretched to the point of tearing.
The ridiculous part is, I have front row seats to this theatrical display of heartache.
I stood in line, bought the tickets and even grabbed popcorn right before the opening act.
I am aware of what goes on around me; I am an observer to the truest form of the word.
The movie title read loud and clear: “Heartache, Depression and Self-Hatred”;
I turned off my contact to the outside world eagerly ran to find my seat in anticipation.
(They look down upon you, if you interrupt the greatest show on earth.)
The first scene was awkward and I knew this was probably a waste of my time…
Well maybe not a waste of my time, but definitely a waste of my money. I have lots of time.
I cringed and sank in my seat during the excruciating parts and even closed my eyes once.
During the thickening of the plot, my co-watchers gasped and cried but my eyes focused.
This is what I paid for, I need to see every second of this. I need to know what happens!
The pinnacle. The climax. The summit. The culmination. The end of imagination.
My curiosity diminished and my frozen fix fled. My blood cried abandoned ship!
It might as well have splashed the shoes of the gentleman in front of me in it’s exit.

I deduce the outcome and I do not wish to entertain the final act.

With not the faintest movement traceable, my eyes finally twitch reassuring a pulse.
Scanning, I find the exit signs: West. North. East. South; the four corners of the earth.
Movement knocks on the door of my legs with no answer. Seven knocks later – no reply.
I convince myself that this is what I paid for; this is that which I deserve to know.
With my eyes ever watching, I see the curtains close and the roses rain sweet empathy.
I began with the end in mind but ironically ended wishing to return to the beginning.
How foolish I am to see my folly and still gratify it’s vain desires when I know Truth!


One thought on “An Era In Which We Watch

  1. It still amazes me how well you can put your thoughts and feelings into written word. Its a great thing to be able to do, and not to sound repetitive but completely inspiring.

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