Lightning Should Strike Here

I have some incredible friends and I will share a few that have inspired me lately.
These friends inspire me in how they perceive life and choose to live it.

Justin Whisman

Justin is one of my best friends and always makes me laugh no matter what.
I’ve known him for a while now and his wisdom still leaves me baffled.
His thoughts about God and life, encourage me and keep me wanting to push forward.
His musical talents never cease to amaze me and he makes me want to work hard in music.
Justin is a man of God and has been one of the biggest inspirations in my life.

Tom Blyth
When I first watched Voices, Tom’s part instantly stood out to me and became a favorite.
After some time, Tom came over to the states via FBM and I finally got to get to know him.
Tom is incredibly smart and likewise, incredibly talented on many levels.
We don’t always have the same views, but he has been a big motivation for me.
He keeps me looking at things differently and evaluating life to its fullest.
Be it bikes, music, faith, or anything else… Tom’s perspectives always get me thinking.
I have the utmost respect for Tom and am very privileged to call him my friend.
Look for his signature FBM frame, “The Bellwitch” in the near future!

Kyle Adem Bingham
I haven’t known Adem for very long, but I have been singing his songs for some time now.
Adem is gifted through words and music in ways I can’t comprehend.
Your spine will race with chills and your heart will be ripped open when you see him play.
The emotion and passion he pours into every word and note cannot be contained;
They pour over into the next and the next and the next.
He is currently recording a new EP called “Armor” and I am looking forward to it.
Make sure you pick it up and why don’t you grab some other cd’s to help him out.
The world needs to hear his music… let’s make that happen!

Brittany Vanderhoof
I met Brittany some time ago in a booth at the Dragon’s Den in Cortland.
I remember she was visiting our mutual friend Melissa and that is how we met.
One summer, she even stayed with my ex-girlfriend and so we hung out more than normal.
Our paths have crossed from time to time and they have recently crossed again.
Her blog and writings have helped me start to return to a time I loved; a simple time.
It’s funny how friendships work… just with losing contact and obtaining it again.
She has been a huge encouragement to me lately and I thank her greatly for that!
Subscribe to her blog and be blessed as I have been!

Ian Jones
Ian and I haven’t been friends for a super long time now, but that doesn’t matter at all.
He has become one of my favorite people to hangout with and we always have fun.
Ian has shown me love in how he loves people, loves his wife Christie, and loves God.
His friendship has also has been a huge blessing lately and that is something special to me.
In the short time I have known him, he has pushed me to live life differently.
I am thankful for his friendship and I’m very stoked to get to know him better…
(Not in a weird way)

A small new FLICKR update just happened with more photos soon!
First shipment of Vitamin Water should be here next week… STOKED!
Slow down and live a simple life; appreciate people and experiences we usually overlook.


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