Its Time To Return To A Land I Love

Medium toasting settings engaged; readied with knife and spread in hand.
My dearest mug home to a cold delicious beverage of the milk variety.

As I sit here collecting my thoughts of the course of (now) yesterday, I smile.
The day shouted into my ears at 5am and I cursed it out as I rolled over.
“I am already awake”, I murmured. “I have yet to find sleep.”
I trip and stumble downstairs to the kitchen and ignite the burner.
One cup of water. One half cup of oats. One tablespoon of brown sugar.
I crept to the porch swing and high-fived the day and then I accidentally smiled.
During my break between shifts at work, I walked to the lake and sat under a great tree.
mewithoutYou chased my cares away and a delicious sandwich nurtured my strength.
Back angled and feet outstretched, I was finally able to indulge into the simple life.
I watched people enjoy beautiful weather and my heart showed signs of life again.
After returning home from work, I jumped on my road bike and just rode.
The bugs were fierce and my eyes were no match for their jerk like attitudes.
I swerved and swayed, dodging pot holes and certain death as I texted endlessly.
I love to text while riding. Every forty-five seconds I almost die and then feel alive.
Laughter is not contained in those moments and it never shall be.

I am returning to a life that I once sought after without end.
I am now returning to the simple life.

Tonight, I rummaged through my old blog: The Simple Life.
I wrote many things there, but strived to focus on enjoying a simplistic life.
The last entry I wrote actually became the seed for this blog.
I don’t always know where I am headed, but it is always forward.



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