Walk On By

Churning and aching fills the void You left; where have You fled to?
Do You cower in the heavens as I seek Your face?
Do You cloak Yourself amongst Your creation?
Where are You, oh Redeemer?

Your name falls off my tongue but my eyes flinch.
I have been seeking You all my days and yet You still hide from me.
I have searched both dirt and flesh, in hopes of finding You.
The heavens mirror Your wonder, yet no mirror exists.
Your fingerprints at every scene, but Your trail untraceable!
How are You in everything my eyes meet and I still do not see you?

I have fallen into this ravine as I was chasing after You.
I ran until my legs failed me, and then I ran some more.
At the edge of creation, I plummeted to the depths.
My legs are broken and I cry out in misery.
Your voice echos down the canyon walls and it whispers: Press on!
I cannot! Do You not see my brokenness and embarrassment?!
Crawl. I am worth finding; I am worth your all.
Do not make me crawl. If ever You loved me, You would rescue me!
I love you and this will make you stronger.

Every muscle in my body mutinies against my heart.

I do not believe You, but my arms do.
Oh, how they so desperately want to hug You.


One thought on “Walk On By

  1. Joel, seriously. This is such good work. I feel like I was reading a memoir of my own heart. Keep going. Not only is this completely inspiring, but it is, in itself, beautiful.

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