The other day, a good friend of mine said that they wanted to disappear.
I told them they could not disappear; (Because I would look for them without end).
The irony of the situation is: I want to disappear.
I want to turn off my phone, smash my computer, quit my job, leave my house and go.
Today I spent some time exploring and taking photos by my parent’s home in PA.
I literally got lost for a little while and it was the best feeling in the world!
No one knew where I was and I was content with staying that way.
A day-dream hit me of leaving it all behind and building a fort in the woods next to a creek.
Someday I will do that; someday I won’t be scared to let go.
There is something about creation that makes me feel whole.
In perfect solitude and total isolation, I feel complete and at peace with my Creator.

Taking long walks by myself and abandoning the rest of the world is my favorite.
The irony of this situation is: I don’t want to be alone.
I want to share laughter with someone dear to my heart; letting our laughter echo.
To grab her hand and race off into the woods on a trail the deer just created.
To sit beside her, with nothing but a gentle creek washing our tired feet of dirt and pain.

She’ll lift her dress to just brush the face of the water, as she contemplates splashing me.
As she contemplates, a tidal wave of love drenches her soul and saturates her heart.
Soaked to the bone and shaking her fist, she never looked more beautiful.
I’ll look into her eyes without end and write my love to her on every second time gives us.
Deep within my lungs, I’ll push the air to strum my vocal chords and whisper her name;
Her name will be beautiful and she should hear it every time her ears are open.
My tongue will plead for her lovely name to pass through my teeth daily.
They may cut out my tongue, but it will forever sing her melody.

The reality is, such a girl is more rare than water between the desert’s grains of sand.
I ache for someone who can say, “But I know you” and “I love you” in the same sentence.
Such a girl is worth waiting for and for her I am patiently waiting.
I will not ask her to wait for me, but with prayer on my tongue and love in my heart, I wait.
She will make my heart smile daily and push my walk closer to my Savior.
She will be my favorite and nothing will make me love her less.
Although time has never been on my side and it devours my soul day in and day out,
Time will be my friend as I wait for her and love will only grow.

Until then, I pray, that she will hold out for the one that will love her.

The Photo Of The Two Trees:
I imagine these two trees are best friends; in sun and flood, they’re by each other.
As they pass time slowly, they grow closer to one another.
Their branches tangle together and they both smile.


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