Breathe Life Into Me

The Glorious Unseen: One of the few “worship” artists that I love with all I possess. Their cd, “The Hope That Lies In You”, got me through one of the darkest times in my life. It was a little over a year ago and I was dealing with trusting God and letting my life be molded by Him. I was devastated by the break up with my girlfriend of three years. Even though almost six months had passed, peace was not there. I wrestled with so much sin during that time. Self-hate and filth. I remember listening to that cd on repeat for hours. The words sank into my soul and rested on the brokenness inside. Restoration was not immediate and still today there are parts of my life that are aching, but those songs kept me searching.

Honestly, I had never heard worship music that felt like it was the cry of my heart. Music that questioned and wondered and still lifted up praise to our Creator. I was genuinely pushed to my limits when those songs hit my ears. My heart settled down and searched. I’m still searching, but I’m content with searching; searching is good. When we search, we open ourselves. We don’t rely on the selfishness of our hearts, but rather what we don’t know. We reach out for hope and grasp grace. I ache for grace.

Right now, I am heavy-hearted and desperately seeking.


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